Courage to Conquer Cancer and Breast Connect have formed a partnership initiative called Connect to Conquer, offering post-surgical supplies, patient education and flowers for breast cancer patients in Tennessee who require breast surgery.

Patients in need from every county within the 16-county Tennessee service area are eligible. This initiative has been made possible through private donations and funds provided by Breast Connect and Courage Conquering Cancer. Breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy can request and receive a floral arrangement through our partner, Random Acts of Flowers, or another florist. The initiative provides care packages that include post-surgical breast surgery and transition-to-home supplies, patient-recommended essential items for recovery and future treatment. Breast cancer educational information is included to foster proactive and informed cancer care decisions in collaboration with health care providers.

Connect To Conquer Service Area
Request A Free Care Package

    If this is a self referral, the following section is NOT required. If this is a referral by someone other than the patient, please complete the following information.

    PATIENT CONSENT TO PARTICIPATE: This initiative is privately funded through both partner non-profit organizations. For accountability, we must collect information on each patient participant. The information collected is completely confidential, and will only be used for reporting purposes.

    Connect To Conquer Care Package

    The post-surgical recovery care package helps patients heal more comfortably after breast surgery. The package includes:

    • Mastectomy Recovery Tee (with 4 internal drain management pockets to secure drain bulbs)
    • 1-2 Axilla pillow(s) per package (post-op pillows relieve pressure at sensitive surgical areas)
    • Breast cancer patient educational materials
    • Drain management aprons with pockets (donated by Your Pink Sisters)
    • Additional comfort-care items

    Please complete the form above to request a free care package. Don’t forget to click the “Submit Request” button after completing the form.

    Connect To Conquer Care Packages

    Donations to Connect to Conquer are welcomed, and greatly appreciated. 100% of donations will be used to help offer post-surgical supplies, patient education and flowers for breast cancer patients in Tennessee who require breast surgery. For every $100 donated, one patient will receive flowers and a complete care package. Thank you for your donation.

    *Donations made through PayPal should be made using “send to a friend or family member.” If a donation is made using PayPal and “to pay for goods and services” is selected, PayPal fees are incurred. Please choose “send to a friend or family member” to make a donation. This allows funds to be released with no fees for the donation.

    Breast Connect
    • Formed in 2014 and became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2015, advocates for and educates those newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • Created, “for survivors, by survivors” to assist those navigating the overwhelming amount of breast cancer information.
    • Provides a private Facebook group, where survivors can share information and personal experiences, ask questions and pay it forward.
    • Hosts events for members to meet and socialize, frequently including guest speakers from the medical and health care communities to discuss related topics.
    • Matches members through their Sisterhood Program which can be found on the website.
    Courage To Conquer Cancer
    • Formed in 2014 as a community health organization to provide breast health education and post-surgical supplies that aid in breast surgery recovery.
    • Created Courage Conquering Cancer, a non-profit 501(c)(3) to support breast cancer patients facing undue financial hardship by providing post-surgical products to those in-need.
    • Researches, develops, tests and manufactures post-surgical supplies (e.g., patented Recovery Tee) to meet the recovery needs of breast cancer patients.
    • Uses grant and philanthropy funds to provide supplies to breast cancer patients in-need and to offer breast health/cancer educational events.
    Contact Information

    Additional information about Breast Connect and Courage to Conquer Cancer can be found at the following:

    BREAST CONNECT or on Facebook. To join the email list, send a request to